Comic Book Guitar Strap- Aliens and Robots


A pop punk guitar strap. For shredders only!

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A COMIC BOOK STRAP. This item is a MUST HAVE for your guitar. Perfect for the punk rockers who are into aliens and robots and stuff. With graphics inspired in part by Tom Delonge’s faith in aliens, this guitar strap is vibrant and colorful, the perfect guitar strap for shredding pop-punk riffs.

  • Ultra vibrant design
  • Poly/Nylon guitar strap
  • One Size

Elevate your musical style with our vibrant and eye-catching Colorful Guitar Strap. Designed to add a burst of personality to your instrument, this strap is a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics. Crafted with durability in mind, the vivid colors make a bold statement, ensuring you stand out on stage or during your jam sessions. Additionally, the Colorful Guitar Strap is not just an accessory; it’s a reflection of your musical flair. Unleash your creativity and play with passion, all while enjoying the support of a strap that’s as unique as your sound. Upgrade your stage presence and let your personality shine with this must-have accessory for any guitarist.

Introducing the first ever TripSurfer Guitar Strap – Unleash your inner punk with our colorful, vibrant comic book-styled designs featuring aliens, robots, palm trees, and seagulls. Elevate your musical journey with a touch of pop punk inspiration, echoing the spirit of bands like blink-182. Crafted from durable nylon, this strap ensures both style and comfort for every performance. And with graphics so colorful, your audience will be able to see it from the back row. Dive into the TripSurfer experience – where music meets intergalactic coolness. Shop now for a cosmic connection to your tunes.

Tripsurfer was created with musicians in mind. Our apparel and accessories have all been designed to be reliable and perfect for any on-stage moment. TripSurfer clothes were made to look as loud as you sound.


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