Makers of Mischief

TripSurfer emerged in 2021, as a beacon of authentic skater ethos and punk rock attitude. Born from the passionate desire to revive the true essence of surf and skate culture, TripSurfer stands as an independent and defiant brand in an era where the iconic skater style apparel companies have fallen prey to corporate conglomerates. Fueled by the spirit of individuality and a commitment to preserving the raw authenticity of the skate scene, TripSurfer embodies the fusion of surf, skate, and pop punk influences in its edgy, but colorful designs.

With a steadfast resolve to resist the homogenization of skater style fashion, TripSurfer champions a sense of rebellion and authenticity, channeling the counterculture spirit of its roots into every stitch and print. The brand’s essence lies not only in its clothing but in its dedication to the community it serves—bringing back the genuine connection between the sport, the lifestyle, and the fashion. TripSurfer dares to challenge the status quo, offering a haven for those seeking an alternative to mass-produced, corporate-driven skatewear, and instead, embracing the thrill of independence and self-expression in every daring design.

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